Yemanya: Golden Opportunity

Card Meaning: “Important doors are opening for you right now. Walk through them.”

Message from Yemanya: “Like the ocean, life moves in waves and tides. Timing is everything, so when an opportunity presents itself, you must dive in at that moment. Everything that you’ve done to prepare yourself will accompany you. Yet, if you hesitate or procrastinate, another opportunity will surely come along just as the tides wash in and out continuously. Like the ocean, life is rich with variety and beauty. Enjoy experiencing its various rhythms, and allow all doubts to be washed away.”

Various Meanings of This Card: Don’t hesitate • This is the right thing to do • Your prayers are being answered • Get ready for a big and happy change • Celebrate your success • Know that you’re qualified and ready for this new opportunity.

About Yemanya (pronounced Yeh-MAHN-jah or Yeh-MAHN-jee): She’s an African and Brazilian goddess who’s credited with creating the sea. Every December 31, people in Brazil celebrate Yemanya by casting white flowers and miniature boats upon the sea waters. You can work with Yemanya by putting a tiny boat into the water and asking her for a wish. If Yemanya grants your wish, her waves will shallow the miniature boat, and if she denies the wish, the boat will wash up to shore. Since the sea is the root of Earth life, Yemanya’s connection to it make her a very powerful and nurturing mother goddess. She’s a protector, supplier, and one who grants wishes.

This card is from Doreen Virtue’s Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards.