Spiritual Teacher

You heal with your classes, sessions, and seminars.

You’re healer who reaches your audience with words. You teach in a way that brings healing blessings to your clients, readers, and listeners. You even do so with your family and friends. In fact, people seek you out for guidance, including strangers who tell you their intimate secrets and pressing problems. Your trustworthy nature and shining inner light signal to others that you’re a natural-born spiritual teacher.

This card indicates that you wish to be a spiritual teacher for the joy of it, without ego concerns about fame or fortune. You are a natural channeler who brings Divine guidance to others who ask you questions about their lives. You’re also acutely observant about human nature, especially as it relates to the spiritual path. As a result, you bring a unique voice to the field of spiritual teaching. As long as you remain focused on service and being your natural self, you’ll find a wide and receptive audience for your work.

Take a moment now and ask your guardian angels, “What is the next step for me to take upon my pathway as a spiritual teacher?” Notice the thoughts, feelings, and signs that come to you as answers, and continue asking the angels for additional clarification.

This card is from Doreen Virtue’s Life Purpose Oracle Cards.