For a moment, take a full, luxurious breath and imagine . . .

. . .Waking up to the peaceful sounds of nature on a beautiful island.

. . .Feeling calm and rejuvenated for the day. Finding relief from all the pressure and stress.

. . .Gathering with a curated group of leaders + entrepreneurs who have heart and hustle, just like you. People on a mission to contribute to our world in a powerful, positive way. Who get you, accept you, and welcome you just as you are.

. . .Having inspired conversations while swaying in a hammock, swimming in the ocean, or hiking up to a stunning view of the Caribbean.

. . .Deeply unwinding and reconnecting with your Self and your Purpose. A vital pause with exquisite self-care in order to sustain your long-term productivity and success.

This is what Mastermind Island is all about.

And you have the chance to join us!

Extraordinary Care & Expert Guidance from Christina Salerno + Kim Nicol.

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