I’m SO delighted you have chosen to experience a 111 Reading!

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Below are a few helpful tips for your experience. If you have any questions / concerns, please feel free to contact me at: salerno.christina@gmail.com.

Yay for connecting very soon!

xo, Christina

How to join the private conference line for your reading:

Dial-in Number:  (712) 432-0075
PIN:  881514

What else might be beneficial to prepare for?

Environment:  The atmosphere during your reading is key. It’s best to find a quiet place you feel really comfortable.

Beforehand:  Nothing blocks energy more than being rushed, stressed, or distracted. I’d recommend turning off your notifications, getting a glass of water, and setting up your space in advance of your scheduled reading. Also, you may want to take at least 5 minutes to be still and breathe. You don’t even need to change your breathing, just notice, connect, and be with your self for a moment.

Afterwards:  It’s likely you will be inspired! Having your favorite form of documenting your inspiration nearby can allow for it to come seamlessly. Perhaps it’s a journal, voice recording device, Evernote, or colored markers. Sometimes extra space and time to process, rest, or meditate is beneficial. So, it’s best not to schedule something directly after our reading.

Wondering what to ask about during your reading?

If you desire, you may bring 1-3 specific questions / situations, or we can open the connection and discover what is wanting to be seen and heard and explored.

We’re always having conversations with ourselves and thoughts in our mind. So a great place to start is noticing which questions / topics / situations keep coming up.

For finding your questions, you could think about:

  • What’s something unclear, uncertain, or still needs some clarity in order to move forward?
  • What’s the most important thing to discover right now?
  • If you could know something about ___ that would change everything, what might that be?

It’s totally ok to come up with more general questions such as:

  • “What do I need to know about my romantic relationship?”
  • “What’s important to keep in mind for my daily mindfulness practice?”
  • “What’s the most impactful step for me in my life right now?”

Also, sometimes people will start talking about a particular situation and no specific question is necessary.

It’s all a very intuitive process and I’ll help be the guide for navigating!!