:: Me ::

My father, a Cardiologist who almost left Medical school to be a Fine Arts painter.

My mother, a Psychic who got her master’s in Research Psychology.

I am the equilibrium between Science and Mysticism.

I used to be a professional rockstar. In 2009 after performing over 200 shows across the U.S., I found out I had an autoimmune disease where my body was literally attacking itself and, in the process, I lost my voice. I was broken physically, emotionally, spiritually. Every part of me was in shambles.

Even though I was seemingly following my passion, taking the road less traveled, I still was relating to my self and my world with fear, obsession, shame, anxiety, and combat. Work-a-holic. Perfectionistic. Analytical overdrive.

My wake up breakdown forced me to rebuild my identity and reconsider what it meant to thrive.

I consumed vast amounts of resources on all of the different ways of living which helped me see things in completely new perspectives.

Then, I experimented and discovered my own ways and philosophies.

Now, I feel fully alive.

Filled with love, playfulness, trust, and peace. And, when unexpected things cross my path, I’ve collected diverse resources, tools, mindsets, practices, and variations for swimming with the dynamic nature of life.

I won’t pretend to have it all figured out. No one does.

But, I love the process and helping others find their way.


Christina Salerno

My zones of genius are:

asking questions





I use these in many ways:

As an Entrepreneur,

I’m the founder of Living Quirky, a community where individualism is greeted with welcome wiggles.

As an Artist,

I’m a maker of aesthetically interesting + practical creations.

As an Alchemist,

I’m here designing experiences for other entrepreneurs,
Secret :: Lightning.

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