Mawu: Mother Earth

Card Meaning: “You are called upon to help with environmentalism.”

Message from Mawu: “There’s no greater cause today than giving back to your mother; and rekindling a friendship with the soil, air, and water. The earth is the life force for material life, and there’s no sense in continuing a downward spiral of dirtying the planet with further pollution. Your contribution is necessary, no matter how small. You make a huge difference in this planet’s welfare through small and simple changes in how you operate. It’s worth it, believe me, and I will help you accomplish this goal in all ways.”

Various Meanings of This Card: Your life’s purpose involves environmentalism • Use earth-friendly products • Recycle • Get involved with an environmental group • Teach others about environmentalism.

About Mawu (pronounced MAH-woo): She’s the West African moon goddess who’s believed to have created all life, with her husband the sun god, Liza. Mawu helps those who call upon her to learn how to live in harmony with nature, and to respect its resources. She ensures that our needs are abundantly supplied without causing harm to the planet.

This card is from Doreen Virtue’s Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards.