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What do you mean by entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur is someone who dares to make something in the world. Typically this could be a business or organization. But, it doesn’t end there. It’s more of a spirit of creating and offering something, often times with considerable risk and initiative.

Do I have to be at a particular stage in life or in business?

You don’t need to necessarily be a certain number of years in business, but you do need to be thriving in whatever venture you are doing. Some stability is vital so we can do the deep work. If that’s a main job with a side hustle, great. If that’s a full fledged organization with hundreds of employees, awesome. I’ve worked with the full spectrum and find it’s more about the attitude than the attributes.

What do you mean by “slow", how long?

The pace may feel slower, but my clients typically experience some type of important shift after a two hour conversation.

I’ve done coaching before and it didn’t work, will this be different?

I’d need to ask more questions, but it could be:

  1. The other coach wasn’t a fit for you. We’d need to have a conversation to see if you and I may or may not be a fit.
  2. You were not ready for coaching. No judgment either way! Change is uncomfortable and most do not actually want it. Sometimes we are not ready to make a shift and we just want someone to talk to. That’s not my style. It’s important to be honest with yourself. Are really truly ready for a change?

I’m already self-aware, how can this help?

Being aware is only the first step. Then you need to shift your relationship to what you are aware of. I go more in depth in the Framework section.

I don’t have a burning pain or issue, but I feel drawn to talk with you, why?

I love when people come to me who may not feel they’re specifically struggling with something, yet they have this strange pull towards talking with me. If you’re not sure why you want to connect with me, totally awesome! Let’s have a conversation and see what happens!

Are you a life coach?

I sway between a few different roles. Some of them are known with titles such as: coach, teacher, energy worker, consultant, healer, or mentor. I bring characteristics of all of those and more. This is why I’ve chosen to relinquish a typical title for one that feels more true and flexible – an alchemist. If you feel more comfortable using one of the other more conventional titles, totally up to you!

Are you trained in something? Do you have a specialty?

Yes and no. I am an autodidact, meaning I’ve taught myself most everything. I have no degree or certificate, but I am voracious learner. Constantly reading, taking courses and programs, connecting with teachers and mentors, and testing things in the real world. An expert generalist. A renaissance soul. I have crossed many domains and fields collecting data, resources, and experiences. There’s a running joke with my friends that there’s hardly anything I haven’t done or at least explored.

This sounds great, but how do you make all of that possible?

As I mentioned, everything is customized and one of the things I get super excited about is being creative with the types of experiences I create for individuals. As examples, here are a few different ways I have engaged with others: 1 on 1 conversations, email conversations, role playing, visualizations, recorded voice notes, real world experiential sessions, chakra clearings, sensation sessions to explore the 5 senses more fully, play sessions to connect with your inner child-like wonder, or an assortment of customized resource recommendations. I would love to talk about what might be the best fit for you!

Do you offer one session or multiple as a package?

I find this work to be similar to bodywork. Sure, you can get one session and alleviate some symptomatic pain. However, to truly make a more permanent shift, more than one session is required. Overall, I’ve found something important happens around the 3-4 month mark which is why I offer 4 month seasons at minimum. Also, on a case by case basis I offer day immersions. Some clients want to jump right in. Others want to ease in. Whatever way feels best to you, we will have a conversation first to get to know each other a bit and see if we’re a fit. Then we can choose the best experience for you.

How would we meet?

I mostly meet via Skype. I do make exceptions for phone sessions. We also communicate via email. And, if you are in New York City either living or visiting, we can make arrangements to meet in person. The meeting format is an easy logistic we can tailor based on your preference.

What's the investment?

I offer a few levels of monetary investment ranging in the thousands depending on goals, resources, and desired level of engagement.

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