:: Structure of Flow Elements ::

There is no one else in this world like you.

This is why I do not offer a 5-step formula.

Everything is highly customized to you + where you are + where you want to go.

  • Structure: harnessing patterns of recurrences.
  • Flow: allowing for organic discovery.

After hundreds of conversations with clients, I’ve developed a combination of structure + flow. In an inside out approach, we will adapt the 4 core elements to your individuality.

The 4 core elements are:

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Element 1 :: Honor the internal landscape

1landscape3Have you ever thought, “Why do I keep ending up back here?!”

Congratulations! You’ve reached the turning point of frustration where you’re finally able to see that no matter how much you work on your conscious awareness, it won’t work — because it’s deeper. You’re stuck in the loop mode of a subconscious pattern. This pattern can only be shifted in the depth of level from which it resides — subconscious and energetic.

If your outside world is not what you want, there’s something going on within your inside world.

1landscape1“You want to go IN to the darkness? You craaazy??!”

Your darkness is your protector. Your teacher. And most likely you’ve been neglecting its messages. This is why we won’t tip-toe around it. We will make way for the tangled, obscured, confused, often times tender and precious parts. It won’t be psychology in the traditional sense, but in the real sense. A guided tour for your own head. Becoming BFFs with your fears, shames, doubts, vulnerabilities. These are the things that if left untended will subconsciously infiltrate every decision and action.

We work with your inner conflicts, instead of against them, so you can be at peace instead of at war with yourself.

1landscape2We do this because it makes way for the missing piece, the desires for more, the most fundamental truths inside you that are wanting to come out. For many reasons, these truths get shielded and layered and they can no longer get through.

We dive in. To the root of what’s going on, and free whatever’s there trying to get your attention.

We explore and honor all of the light, shape, and shadow as part of the internal landscape.


Element 2 :: Cultivate thriving

2thriving1“I’m no longer in reactive mode, but now what??”

Once you’re free from old patterns, you need to integrate mindsets and practices from this new perspective or those old patterns can pull you back in. From a scientific standpoint, we have disrupted a neural feedback loop which now requires the focus to be redirected on forming a new neural circuit.

In other words, we are intentionally placing your attention.

Thriving will be unique to you and where you are.
Some aspects could be:

playfulness, gratitude, resilience, creativity, vulnerability, presence, curiosity, embodiment, courage, and joy.



We use these to develop a highly in-tune awareness of your unique being.

To know, trust, and love yourself unlike ever before.

Element 3 :: Rediscover your potential

3potential1“I’m feeling good! Where is there more?”

Now we can choose and create what you really want.

Tapping in. To the deep, powerful place within each of us is like finally discovering the unspoken language of the world. It’s why some people seem to be liked more by others or to be generally luckier in life. Yes, there is something extra special about them.

And, there is something extra special about you.

But, most likely it is dormant or has not been nurtured to its full capacity.

We harness your innate, untapped potential for you to become a beacon, radiating your fullest, most compelling self.

Element 4 :: Implement your mission

4mission2“Awesome! How do I make this happen??”

Ultimately, we’re navigating the internal worlds so we can shift the external worlds.

There’s a myth people have been trying to believe: if they follow a designated path, the outcome will be certain. Sure, that can be done with a lot of grit and effort, but it’ll only be partially satisfying. Why? Because trying to control the inevitable uncertainty of life is an exhausting no-win fight. And, following a designated path does not mean it is our path to a satisfying life.

This is why we will use intentions instead of goals. The difference being, rather than being too attached to a fixed plan, we will be open to how the journey will unfold.

A practice of trusting and building resiliency in order to dance with the uncomfortable unknown and being guided by a deeper inner knowing.


Going where you’ve never gone before is when you’re going to discover new things and greater possibilities.

We will embrace tangents as true explorers of the internal and external realms. And, like a boomerang, we will find our way back to the intention, but with more heart, more clarity, and more aligned purpose.

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