Dana: High-Priestess

Card Meaning: “You have Divine knowledge that can help others through your spiritual teaching.”

Message from Dana: “Your wisdom extends back into the far reaches of ancient times. You’ve brought this knowledge forward into your present incarnation, to be a way-shower so that others may benefit from your experiences. Don’t delay in expressing this wisdom. I will assist you in manifesting platforms for your spiritual teaching, whether it’s through teaching by example, or through writing or speaking. All forms of teaching are equally valuable, no matter how many lives you touch.”

Various Meanings of This Card: Lead workshops • Write books or articles • Look for opportunities to teach • Be a role model of peace • Honor your Divinity • Know that you are a leader.

About Dana (pronounced DON-nah): Dana is one of the most ancient of Celtic goddesses, extending to the pre-Gaelic times of Ireland when the Tuatha Dé Dana’s (which means “the children of Dana”) followed her as their Creator Mother Goddess. When the Gaelics invaded Ireland, the Tuatha Dé Dananns transformed themselves into leprechauns, as they remain today. Dana, who’s also known as Dannu or Danu, is extremely powerful and magical. She can help you with manifestation, alchemy, and Divine magic. She can also introduce you to the elemental kingdom, especially the leprechauns.

This card is from Doreen Virtue’s Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards.