Coventina: Purification

Card Meaning: “It is time for a cleansing detoxification of your body and mind.”

Message from Coventina: “This message comes as a help, and not as an affront or a criticism. Your vessel has become clogged by overuse of harsh chemicals, and the offending source is within your psyche. You’ve been ignoring your body’s many signals and screams for relief from the steady ingestion of impurities. Perhaps you’ve also noticed a slump in your energy level, and your degree of joy has lagged as well. Never mind these past effects, though, as the solution is at hand right now! Now that you’ve heard this message, do not hesitate for even a moment to make new arrangements. You’ll want to keep a sharp focus on the contents of your mind and speech as well, for the words you think and speak are the very diet that supports or thwarts you. Choose purity, and I promise you a changed outlook for the better.”

Various Meanings of This Card: Follow your intuition’s guidance about making lifestyle changes • Stop abusing alcohol or drugs • Avoid processed foods such as sugar, white flour, and so on • Eat more organic foods • Keep your thoughts and speech positive • Adopt a vegetarian or vegan diet • Go on a fast or detox diet • (This card can also be a validation that your current healthful path is working.)

About Coventina (pronounced Coh-ven-TEEN-ah): She’s a powerful Celtic goddess of the waters, including the oceans, lakes, streams, ponds, and rivers. Coventina protects bodies of water and their inhabitants, and she’s happy to give you a Divine assignment related to environmentalism, if you ask her. Wishing wells were made in her honor, and today we continue the practice of throwing coins into water while making a wish. It’s Coventina who grants these wishes. Since our bodies are primarily made up of water, she’s very involved with helping us purify our physical selves. She reminds us that purification also means keeping our thoughts and speech filled with positive words, which empower and strengthen our bodies and lives.

This card is from Doreen Virtue’s Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards.