You have a book inside of you that wishes to be expressed. Make the time to write it.

You’ve long had the thought of writing a book, and this card is a signal that the time is now. This endeavor is part of your life purpose. Although you may not have a fully formed concept in mind, the act of writing will prime the pump and create a flow of ideas. You’ll tap into the Divine infinite wisdom while writing, which will help you better hear the voice of God and the angels.

Most authors pen their books in small time increments, so don’t think that you need to retire in order to have the hours to devote to writing. Remember that if you finish just one page a day, in a year you will have produced a 365-page book!

If you need additional confidence in your writing abilities, you can always take classes, join or start a writers’ group, or hire an editor. The main point is to write… now!

This card is from Doreen Virtue’s Life Purpose Oracle Cards.