Engaging in artistic activities is beneficial to your career and every other area of your life.

Your inner world is colorful, and this card is a reminder that your career can be colorful as well! With your artistic eye, you naturally gravitate toward beautiful shades, shapes, and objects. Now the angels want to bring artistry into your career field. You will feel more fulfilled with work that helps you express your inner artist.

You drew this car because it’s important for you to take action steps as the artist you truly are. If you had unlimited time and money, what type of creative work would you engage in? Your answer to this question indicates a beneficial avenue for you to explore now. In fact, this is precisely what will open up all of your channels so that you experience more support, time, and creative energy.

So please take the opportunity to engage in something artistic, such as painting, jewelry making, an art course, sketching, dancing, sewing, and so forth. Your finished creation may or may not become the basis of a commercial venture; however, your actions and artistic expression will definitely have a positive effect upon your career and every other area of your life.

This card is from Doreen Virtue’s Life Purpose Oracle Cards.