Mother Mary

Known as the “Queen of the Angels,” Mother Mary is the embodiment of unconditional love and compassion. This card calls for you to look at the people in your life, as well as yourself, with this same love. Mother Mary can help you embrace your gifts and talents and honor yourself in every moment.

Sometimes called the Divine Nurturer, she reminds you to be proud of how far you’ve come in this lifetime and encourages you to keep moving forward. Mother Mary protects, guides, and supports all children, including Indigo children. She also helps you to help other children. Call upon Mother Mary to open your heart and make you aware of what a blessing you are to this planet.

** Note from Christina: You may or may not resonate with the term “Indigo”. Either way, I find the message can relate in general as well.

This card is from Doreen Virtue’s Indigo Angel Oracle Cards.