Hello, my name is Christina Salernoexclamation

Yoda for your Mind + Alchemist for your Heart + Peter Pan for your Soul

I’m the secret unfair advantage for leaders + innovators + creatives. I design experiences for those who think differently, harnessing their individuality, so they can unlock extraordinary potentials and create remarkable impact in the world.

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Your business is rockin’. Boom!
You’ve done the personal growth work. Rad!
You’ve checked off all of the boxes and life should be awesome. Winning!

… So, why do you feel like something is missing?explosion1
… Your life looks right, so why can’t you get rid of that unsettled sense there’s something MORE?

Admitting it’s not enough and you want more is really hard to do.

To ask for help, especially around things of deep core importance, can cause worries of being seen as a fraud, potentially losing the trust and authority you’ve worked so hard generate.

You’ve built this successful business and life that you feel trapped in, as if parts of you are being silenced, because you’re not able to talk about deeper, vulnerable things with anyone.

Even if you find the courage to reach out, others might think you’re just being foolish or ungrateful. Almost as though something’s wrong with you for not being satisfied.

You’re not sure who to go to or what to ask for.

You just know you have this instinct something deeper is going on.arrow-curl1

I believe the answers you seek are inside of you.

But, sometimes the path to finding them has been forgotten.
Sometimes there’s so many other voices that we can’t hear our own through the noise.
Sometimes we are jumbled in knots and require some gentle untangling.
Sometimes the relationship to our self is a battle instead of peaceful and loving, and so the deep truths don’t feel safe to speak up.

I can help you:

  • remember your path,
  • hear your voice through the noise,
  • loosen your tangled knots,
  • and reconnect with your deep truths.

By creating profoundly deep experiences with the utmost respect of your individuality.

These experiences offer:


for the “aha” moments to shoot through like a bolt of lightning, illuminating with massive clarity and a jolt of inspired action.

Shifts of Perspectives

to discover your own unique version of being in relationship to your self and your world.


to expand beyond the edge of possibility, alchemizing your every day reality into a wildly fulfilling adventure.

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